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SPUTTER COATERS / VACUUM COATING SYSTEMS - Desktop Sputter Coater single 2” magnetron –TTDST1

This servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine is ideal for high-capacity tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing. It is in accordance with the EN, ISO, ASTM, JIS, GB and many other standards. These frames feature dual spaces so users can quickly change between tension and compression testing without having to remove heavy fixtures.

Torontech is being increasingly recognized as a standard for accuracy, dependability and versatility in servo-hydraulic universal testing machines.

The TTDST1 series configured as a sputter coater suitable for Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) sample preparation. A wide range of materials could be deposited by TTDST1 series such as gold (Au), platinum / palladium (Pt / Pd) alloy, silver (Ag), chromium (Cr), tungsten (W), iridium (Ir) and etc. This high vacuum coater offers high quality uniform films with fine grain sizes which are suitable for specimens that require high resolution and high-quality characterization such as FE-SEM, EDS/WDS, TEM, and EBSD


Nano & Microelectronic

Solar cell applications

Optical components coating

Thin film sensors

  • Control Panel 7” Touch Screen.
  • One straight Magnetron Cathode: Suitable for 2” target, Water circulation Cathode.
  • DC power supply:1200V DC, 500 mA
  • High Vacuum Pump: Turbo Pump 90l/S (Leybold).
  • Ultimate vacuum 7 x 10-6Torr
  • Backing pump: VacCoat 4m3/h two stage rotary pump
  • Vacuum chamber: Pyrex cylinder, chamber 300mmOD x 200mm x 7mm thick.
  • Sample Holder: Adjustable Height, tilting and rotatable (12-24RPM).
  • Samples upto 3” diameter or smaller
  • Vacuum Pressure Gauge: Atm to 10-7mbar (Leybold)
  • Electronic Leak Valve: 2 x MFC: 0-100sccm for Argon and one for reactive gas
  • Electronic Shutter
  • Main Body Metallic cubic: 60x55x50cm and 19” rack
  • Vent Valve: 1/4” electrical
  • Film Thickness Monitor: High precision quartz crystal, 1 nm precision
  • Ultimate Vacuum: Less than 7 x10-7 Torr
  • Controls the rate of sputtering to achieve finer grain structure
  • Automatically controls the power of sputtering independent of pressure
  • Electronic leak valve for Argon gas
  • Able to record and plot coating parameter graphs
  • Transfers curves and deposition process data by USB port to PC
  • Utilities: 220V-240V, 50/60HZ- 16A
  • Shipping Weight: 36kg
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